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Improving Your Quality of Life

Chiropractic care is a unique science that focuses on restoring and maintaining health, while most other healing arts are designed to treat disease. Kempsville Chiropractic serves the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk areas, and it provides a natural, conservative approach to your health care.

New & Noteworthy

New Patients at Kempsville Chiropractic

New Patient at Kempsville Chiropractic

At Kempsville Chiropractic, we are dedicated to our patient's ongoing health and wellness. New patients came to us for various reasons, some dealing with pain, injuries, accident, health, or work related issues. Others come to Kempsville Chiropractic to find a drug-free solution to their problems. No matter what your reason is for seeking chiropractic care, the doctors at Kempsville Chiropractic will work with you to find the cause of your problem, and develop a personalized plan to restore your health and enable you to maintain it.  Read More

Can Your Body Survive an Earthquake?

New Patient at Kempsville Chiropractic

Surviving an earthquake can be a traumatic experience, even if it is only a minor quake. It is always nice to come back home and find the house is still standing, but just because the house is still standing doesn't mean there wasn't any damage. After an earthquake we need to check for any cracks in the wall, make sure the roof isn't leaking, check the plumbing and electrical systems, and make sure there are no gas leaks. If we are fortunate, there may be only a few broken dishes and glasses, and a few books on the floor. Fortunately the human body is designed to survive an earthquake much better than a house.  Read More

5 Foods to Improve Your Health

5 Foods to Improve Your Health

In a previous article we wrote about 7 foods you should avoid to decrease inflammation and pain. In this article we wanted to share with you some foods that will improve your health, relieve pain, and help reduce your risk of developing serious diseases.

Here are 5 foods to make sure you include in your diet as part of a healthy lifestyle.  Read More

7 Foods to Avoid

7 Foods to Avoid

The foods that we eat and the things we drink have a tremendous effect on our body chemistry. The things that we eat either bring our body towards an alkaline state (healthy) or an acidic state (unhealthy). If your body moves towards an acidic state then this increases inflammation in the body, which moves us toward pain. If you have existing health conditions like osteoarthritis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, painful joints, etc., or if you have any pain problems then, eating foods that increase acid and inflammation will create greater pain and dysfunction.  Read More

Ice vs. Heat

Ice vs. Heat

There always seems to be a lot of confusion on when to use ice an both ice and heat therapies can be effective they are fundamentally different in the way they work to provd when to use heat for your injury. In truth, whileide healing and relief, and using the wrong treatment at the wrong time can further aggravate your pain or injury.  Read More

Poor Posture and Your Health

Poor Posture and Your Health

Poor posture is becoming the norm instead of the exception, and poor posture is also one of the leading causes of back pain.

While it can be said that “posture is the window to your spine,” your posture also can alter the way you feel about yourself. Individuals who sit with proper posture have higher self-esteem, better moods, higher energy levels, and even more positive speech. Bad posture not only affects your mental well being, but has detrimental physical effects as well.  Read More

Migraines and Chiropractic Care

Migraine Headaches and Chiropractic Care

Migraine headaches cause intense throbbing or pulsating pain in one area of the head. Typically, nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light and sound accompanies migraines. Migraine attacks can cause severe pain for hours to days, sometimes preceded by warning symptoms known as aura. Migraine headaches usually begin in childhood, adolescence or early adulthood and have four stages of progression, though you may not experience all stages.  Read More

Leg Pain and Chiropractic Care

Leg Pain

Leg pain affects many people on a daily basis. Depending upon the cause and each individual’s situation, symptoms of leg pain may present in many different ways. For some, the pain begins in the lower back and travels down one or both legs. Some experience pain down the back of the legs (sciatica), some the front of the thighs, and others down the side of the legs. Others experience pain only below the knee or solely in the feet or toes.  Read More

Chiropractic care is based on the fact that your body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism which is controlled by your nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and nerves).

Interference to the nervous system occurs when the movable bones of the spine (vertebrae) slip out of place due to everyday jolts, bumps, twists, slips, or jars. This misalignment narrows the small openings between vertebrae through which the nerves pass to reach all parts of the body. When misalignment, or subluxation, happens, the vertebrae press on a nerve, irritate it, and interfere with the transmission of nerve signals to the body. Chiropractors detect and correct these subluxations, restoring the body’s nerve signals by gently replacing the bone to its normal position with gentle pressures called adjustments.

Kempsville Chiropractic uses chiropractic care and gentle adjustments to successfully to treat the many conditions dealing with pain and range of motion, as well as providing support to the function of your internal organs. Numerous problems effecting the spine, neck, muscles, and internal organs can by corrected through proper chiropractic care without the use of drugs and other medications. Here is a partial list of some of the common conditions we see on a daily basis.

Health is a Process

Chiropractic care uses a unique approach to health. Rather than masking or treating just the symptom, chiropractors detect the underlying cause of the symptom, correct it, and then maintain wellness through a three-phase process:

  1. Initial Phase:
    During the initial phase, based on your health history and exam findings, it is our goal to reduce and eliminate your symptoms.

  2. Restoration/Corrective Phase:
    During this intermediate phase, we transition and focus on your health goals. The emphasis now is to correct the underlying cause of your symptom or condition and facilitate restoration of long-term health.

  3. Wellness Phase:
    During this advanced phase, we help you maintain continued wellness and optimum health through regular chiropractic care and lifestyle management.

Chiropractic care is beneficial for people of all ages, including infants and children. Many structural problems that may not cause pain until later years are the result of birth or childhood injuries. A healthy spine and nervous system are the first steps to becoming a healthy child.

Your First Visit to Kempsville Chiropractic

Dr Frank Lombardozzi explaining xray to a patientDuring your first visit to the Kempsville Chiropractic office, you will receive a thorough comprehensive examination including the latest technology to document any interference to your nervous system, and any necessary X-rays. After careful review of your exam and X-ray findings, we will recommend an individualized health program designed to help you reach your optimum health potential, maximizing the quality of your life.

Many health conditions can be traced to lifestyle choices. Because of this, we will be advising you on the need for exercise, postural improvements, nutrition, stress management, rest (sleep), and other aspects of your health.

Virginia Beach Chiropractor | Chesapeake Chiropractor

Kempsville Chiropractic is dedicated to providing excellence in service to all our clients. Thanks to our patients, we have been awarded the Angie's List Super Services Award.

Kempsville Chiropractic is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia about a mile away from the I-64 interstate and the Indian River Road exit. Our office is at 1932 Kempsville Road, Suite 103. Since we are about one quarter mile from the Virginia Beach / Chesapeake city line, our location allows us to conveniently serve as a chiropractor for Chesapeake, Virginia, particularly the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake, in addition to VIrginia Beach. Our quality service draws clients from Virginia Beach, Chespapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and even Suffolk, Virginia. Here is a link to a map of our location.

We look forward to serving you and your family. Chiropractic care is part of a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, proper sleep, and eating healthy foods. Contact Kempsville Chiropractic at 757.467.5258 to set an appointment.

Health Tips

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